Why Choose YIT Jaipur?

Educating Engg. aspirants for 15 years , The Yagyavalkya Institute of Technology (YIT) is generally considered to be one of the premier engineering colleges in Rajasthan.

The most distinctive feature between YIT and other colleges is the focus on quality placed not only on education, but all the aspects which make a college students life memorable.

Why Choose YIT JaipurThis special emphasis on quality is why the management team at YIT decided to get affiliated by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a national level Apex Advisory body to regularly conduct surveys on the facilities provided and the education imparted at YIT.

The team at YIT understands that a young mind cannot just study engineering continuously for 3 years, this is why knowledge is imparted more on a practical basis and not just on a theoretical basis. A healthy balance is also maintained between studies and co-curricular activities.

Last but not the least, everybody who studies Engineering never have the same ambition. So other than 80% placements each year, YIT has also set up a specialized Start-up & Incubation Cell. Special training is also provided to those who want to go for government jobs.

To know about admission procedure, visit: http://yitjaipur.com/admission-procedure

Choosing The Right Course

Choosing the right Engg. course is generally confusing for most students. Few things which should be kept in mind while selecting a course are:

What Does The Course Enable one to do?

Electrical EngineeringKnowing the kind of work that comes along with a particular course is necessary. A student’s interest in the the work associated with a course is important for job satisfaction & general happiness.

What are the Career Options Associated With a Course?

Some people want to build cars, some want to help out in creating renewable energy & some have an interest in working on computer software and building awesome websites. Learning Mechanical Engineering will help out the people who want to build cars, Electrical will help in renewable energy & Computer Science will help the software & website individuals. Each course empowers one to a different career.

Why Engineering?

One should be aware of why they have chosen Engineering, for earning lots and lots of money?, to become an entrepreneur?, to get a government job? Or just to gain infinite knowledge about how machines work?

A combined answer to the above three questions will definitely help a young mind in pinpointing the right course & choosing an appropriate college.

4 Differences Between Government & Private Engineering Colleges

Degree: While Engg. degrees obtained from a government college are accepted all over the globe and will never be declared fake, degrees obtained from some private colleges are often declared fake. Recently, more than 8000 B. Tech. degrees obtained from 2 Engineering institutes from Jaipur & Jodhpur were declared fake. This is one of the many examples of fake degrees being issued and ruining career prospects of many. One should make sure that the institute they wish to join is UGC approved or is affiliated with the All India Council for Technical Education.

PlacementsPlacements: Though famous government colleges often outshine private colleges in placement offers, many are not even visited by any company. A good example of this is the 2012 Computer Science batch of Chandrapur Govt. Engineering college, not a single company visited during the college placement season.
When it comes to private colleges, students from recently established private colleges are not placed as well as students from institutes established 5-10 years back. 100-150 students easily get jobs during placement season in private institutes established 5-10 years back. A student should always check at least 2-4 years placement records of an institute they wish to join.

YIT CampusInfrastructure: As government colleges are funded by the central/state government, basic infrastructural facilities are often of weak quality. Private colleges are funded by trusts or private individuals so the infrastructure provided is of a higher quality than government colleges. There might be a few exceptions to this rule so a student should thoroughly inspect campus facilities before joining an institute.

AICTE: Government colleges are approved by AICTE whereas many private colleges are not. So, a student should check whether the private university has been approved by AICTE or not before joining one.

For any further queries, you can call on +91-9314070596 or email on info@yitjaipur.com.

Campus Life at YIT

A engg. college campus is not just a means to an end, it is the playground of future leaders, entrepreneurs & artists. Keeping this philosophy in mind, the management team at Yagyavalkya Institute of Technology have built a large, sustainable & student friendly campus. Special focus has been placed on the all around development of a young mind.

Peace of Mind

Computer Science & EngineeringAvailability of wifi in addition to in-house transportation facilities help in making our students feel liberated & connected with the outside world. In order to address the security concerns of worried parents, YIT has taken security very seriously. Security personnel are present on the campus 24*7 for the entire year.

Practical Teachings For a Practical World

Electronics & Communication EngineeringApart from a fully quipped Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab & access to specialized engineering laboratories for completion of projects and assignments, a soft skills lab for development of communication skills is also available. In order to fulfill the thirst for knowledge & research, a library with over twenty-five thousand books has also been provided.

Just Like Home

Electrical EngineeringCollege is the first time a student is going to be away from the comfort of his/her homes. YIT has built spacious hostels to closely resemble how one’s own room must look like. Bad food also adds onto the feeling of homesickness a student experiences during college life, so the quality & taste of YIT’s canteen food has been a top priority of the management team.

Sports Build Character

Sports and GamesThe best form of recreation, as per many scholars is taking part in competitive sports. Both indoor & outdoor sports facilities are provided at YIT. The cricket, football & basketball team are famous for winning many championships.

The focus at YIT has never been just imparting knowledge and giving degrees, but to empower young minds to become the best mechanical, electrical or computational minds in the world. To know more about campus life at YIT, you can call us on +91 141 2981560/61, +91 9314 070 596.