5 High-Paying Jobs For Computer Science Graduates

The great Stephen Hawkins once said, “Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or make a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill.”
As the world runs towards a digital era, the need for computer science engineers rises with it.

Following is a list of high-paying jobs for computer science graduates. Before going through the list, keep in mind that salary figures given below are an average of numbers ranging from thousands into the millions. So the salary you get from any one of these jobs might be 3 Lakhs Per Annum, or it maybe 30 Lakhs Per Annum. Don’t expect it to be the exact figure as given in this list.

1. Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts are the organisational problem-solvers of a business. Simply put, a Systems Analyst designs & applies software applications for a business. His goal is to maximise the productivity of employees via integration of technical requirements with pre-existing processes.
So if you’re naturally observant, solution-oriented & investigative, you will have your work cut out for you as a systems analyst.
To increase your income from this profession, gain expertise in JQuery, Javascript, ASP, NET Framework, Java/J2EE & Microsoft SQL Server.
Average Income: INR 6,00,000 Per Annum.

2. UX Analyst

UX Analysts/Designers (UX means User Experience) plan & implement the overall experience of using a product. The job entails conducting behavioural research & designing the overall usage of the product. In our opinion, a quality UX analyst is indispensable to organisations as every product needs to be user-friendly in order to sell. People with an understanding human behaviour & empathy towards the users of an application/website are perfect for this job.
Large remunerations for this job are offered to applicants skilled in User Interface, HTML5, Usability Testing, User Research & Interaction Design.
Average Income: INR 6,10,000 Per Annum

3. Data Scientist, IT

A data scientist’s job begins with collection and interpretation of big data. Based on his interpretation, he develops algorithms to automate the inner processes of a business. Those ‘Astonishingly-High’ salaries which you must have read about in newspapers are offered to Data Scientists. As most companies really want to eliminate human error by moving towards automation, data scientists have started to get humongous offers.
High paying offers are given to candidates with an expertise in Data Mining/Data Warehouse, Machine Learning, Java, Apache Hadoop & Python.
Average Income: INR 6,20,000 Per Annum

4. Information Systems Manager (IS Manager)

The role of an IS Manager involves planning, installation & maintenance of technological aspects of a company. IS managers either oversee the hardware or the software components of a business. Hardware management includes installation & maintenance of computer systems. Whereas Software management includes implementation & overseeing of network security & internet services.
Higher salaries in this job are associated with experience more than anything else.
Average Income: INR 7,89,000 Per Annum

5. Information Technology Advisor (IT Consultant)

IT advisers are mostly hired by management consultancy firms. Their major responsibility is to understand & advice on the technological requirements of a business. A mixture of business knowledge & strong technical know-how is very important for this job. Not only processes, IT consultants also step in during selection & recruitment procedures. If you are a computer science graduate with an opinion on how organisations should run, IT consultancy is the perfect job for you.
Although experience is the main criteria for higher salaries, expertise in Project Management, Java/J2EE & UNIX will also help.
Average Income: INR 8,14,000

We hope you had fun reading this article & earn a lot of money in your career. But remember, money comes second, happiness & job satisfaction come first 🙂

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