4 Differences Between Government & Private Engineering Colleges

Degree: While Engg. degrees obtained from a government college are accepted all over the globe and will never be declared fake, degrees obtained from some private colleges are often declared fake. Recently, more than 8000 B. Tech. degrees obtained from 2 Engineering institutes from Jaipur & Jodhpur were declared fake. This is one of the many examples of fake degrees being issued and ruining career prospects of many. One should make sure that the institute they wish to join is UGC approved or is affiliated with the All India Council for Technical Education.

PlacementsPlacements: Though famous government colleges often outshine private colleges in placement offers, many are not even visited by any company. A good example of this is the 2012 Computer Science batch of Chandrapur Govt. Engineering college, not a single company visited during the college placement season.
When it comes to private colleges, students from recently established private colleges are not placed as well as students from institutes established 5-10 years back. 100-150 students easily get jobs during placement season in private institutes established 5-10 years back. A student should always check at least 2-4 years placement records of an institute they wish to join.

YIT CampusInfrastructure: As government colleges are funded by the central/state government, basic infrastructural facilities are often of weak quality. Private colleges are funded by trusts or private individuals so the infrastructure provided is of a higher quality than government colleges. There might be a few exceptions to this rule so a student should thoroughly inspect campus facilities before joining an institute.

AICTE: Government colleges are approved by AICTE whereas many private colleges are not. So, a student should check whether the private university has been approved by AICTE or not before joining one.

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